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Gynecomastia is the medical name for men’s boobs and it comes from the Greek word that is referring to man’s boobs. Having an extra fat in men’s chest is not a normal condition though many obese have extra large boobs (for men) but still there are some situations that it is not cause by fat. There are some symptoms that you can see to identify if you are experiencing gynecomastia. The physical symptoms are:

· Puffy and oversized nipples

· Enlarged breast

· Excessive fatty tissue in the breasts and chest

· Tenderness and sensitivity might be present as well, but there is no severe pain

I’m not saying that all of the symptoms coexist. Now, gynecomastia usually happen in pubertal period or aging period of men because at this stage men needs to face some changes in their body such as hormonal imbalance of two major hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. This can also happen to obese people. This usually passes after the puberty period, but it will not pass anymore if the reason of gynecomastia is aging. If the reason is your obesity, the obvious action that you can do is to lose weight. Gynecomastia can lead into psychological to men and it can prevent them to do what they want and to accomplish things, so it is very important to treat gynecomastia before it can give negative results. On the other hand, think and analyze the situation first before taking any actions that can make the situation worst.

 Now, if you are too embarrass with your “girly boobs” or it is not leaving you for long period of time, you can try some medications, but the best thing that you can do about it is to ask your doctor about the medications that you can use. Surgery is one of the medications that you can try but you need to consider how expensive it is, the scar that you can get after the operation and the general risk that you need to face after the surgery.

 Furthermore, the main cause of gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance so the best way to deal with it is to take some supplements that will help to balance your hormones. However, before doing this you must have a proper knowledge and understanding about the side effects that you may experience. Another cause of man’s boobs is starvation and malnutrition, so avoid doing this and try to live a healthy life.

The best way to deal with man’s boobs is to use your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy foods, having a regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and avoiding certain drugs that can give you hormonal imbalance, doing this will be a big help to prevent gynecomastia it can also help your breast in coming back to its normal size.

I know that you are tired dealing with your man’s boobs so you can try one of my suggestions above. However, my advice is to ask your doctor before doing it to avoid unexpected things to happen.



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Men’s health- Getting rid of men’s boobs

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Men’s health- Getting rid of men’s boobs

This article was published on 2013/01/11